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Decathlon combines four runs, three jumps and three throws.
World records
MenFrance Kevin Mayer 9126 pts (2018)
Olympic records
MenCzech Republic Roman Šebrle 8893 pts (2004)
United States Ashton Eaton 8893 pts (2016)
World Championship records
MenUnited States Ashton Eaton 9045 pts (2015)

The decathlon is a combined event in athletics consisting of ten track and field events. The word "decathlon" was formed, in analogy to the word "pentathlon", from Greek δέκα (déka, meaning "ten") and ἄθλος (áthlos, or ἄθλον, áthlon, meaning "contest" or “prize”). Events are held over two consecutive days and the winners are determined by the combined performance in all. Performance is judged on a points system in each event, not by the position achieved.[1] The decathlon is contested mainly by male athletes, while female athletes typically compete in the heptathlon.

Traditionally, the title of "World's Greatest Athlete" has been given to the person who wins the decathlon. This began when King Gustav V of Sweden told Jim Thorpe, "Sir, you are the world's greatest athlete" after Thorpe won the decathlon at the Stockholm Olympics in 1912.[2]

The event is similar to the pentathlon held at the ancient Greek Olympics,[3] and also similar to a competition called an "all-around", which was contested at the United States amateur championships in 1884.[4][5] Another all-around was held at the 1904 Summer Olympics.[6] The modern decathlon first appeared at the 1912 Games.[7]

The current official decathlon world record holder is Frenchman Kevin Mayer, who scored a total of 9,126 points at the 2018 Décastar in France.

Historical background[edit]

The decathlon developed from the ancient pentathlon competitions held at the ancient Greek Olympics. Pentathlons involved five disciplines – long jump, discus throw, javelin throw, sprint and a wrestling match.[3] Introduced in Olympia during 708 BC, the competition was extremely popular for many centuries. By the sixth century BC, pentathlons had become part of religious games.[citation needed]

A ten-event competition known as the "all-around" or "all-round" championship, similar to the modern decathlon, was first contested at the United States amateur championships in 1884 and reached a consistent form by 1890;[4][5] an all-around was held at the 1904 Summer Olympics, though whether it was an official Olympic event has been disputed.[6] The modern decathlon first appeared on the Olympic athletics program at the 1912 Games in Stockholm.[7]


Men's decathlon[edit]

The vast majority of international and top level men's decathlons are divided into a two-day competition, with the track and field events held in the order below. Traditionally, all decathletes who finish the event, rather than just the winner or medal winning athletes, do a round of honour together after the competition.[citation needed] The current world record holder is Kevin Mayer from France with 9126 points which he set on September 16, 2018 in Talence, France.

Women's decathlon[edit]

At major championships, the women's equivalent of the decathlon is the seven-event heptathlon; prior to 1981 it was the five-event pentathlon.[8] However, in 2001, the IAAF approved scoring tables for a women's decathlon; the current world record holder is Austra Skujytė of Lithuania, with 8,366.[9] Women's disciplines differ from men's in the same way as for standalone events: the shot, discus and javelin weigh less, and the sprint hurdles uses lower hurdles over 100 m rather than 110 m. The points tables used are the same as for the heptathlon in the shared events. The schedule of events differs from the men's decathlon, with the field events switched between day one and day two; this is to avoid scheduling conflicts when men's and women's decathlon competitions take place simultaneously.[10]

One hour[edit]

The one-hour decathlon is a special type of decathlon in which the athletes have to start the last of ten events (1500 m) within sixty minutes of the start of the first event. The world record holder is Czech decathlete Robert Změlík, who achieved 7,897 points at a meeting in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia, in 1992.[citation needed]

Masters athletics[edit]

In Masters athletics, performance scores are age graded before being applied to the standard scoring table. This way, marks that would be competitive within an age division can get rated, even if those marks would not appear on the scale designed for younger age groups. Additionally, like women, the age divisions use different implement weights and lower hurdles. Based on this system, German Rolf Geese in the M60 division and American Robert Hewitt in the M80 divisions have set their respective world records over 8,000 points. Using the same scale, Nadine O'Connor scored 10,234 points in the W65 division, the highest decathlon score ever recorded.[11][12]

Points system[edit]

100 m25.4347181.81
Long jump0.143542201.4
Shot put51.391.51.05
High jump0.8465751.42
400 m1.53775821.81
110 m hurdles5.7435228.51.92
Discus throw12.9141.1
Pole vault0.27971001.35
Javelin throw10.1471.08
1500 m0.037684801.85

The 2001 IAAF points tables use the following formulae:[13]

  • Points = INT(A(BP)C) for track events (faster time produces a higher score)
  • Points = INT(A(PB)C) for field events (greater distance or height produces a higher score)

A, B and C are parameters that vary by discipline, as shown in the table on the right, while P is the performance by the athlete, measured in seconds (running), metres (throwing), or centimetres (jumping).[13]

The decathlon tables should not be confused with the scoring tables compiled by Bojidar Spiriev, to allow comparison of the relative quality of performances by athletes in different events. On those tables, for example, a decathlon score of 9,006 points equates to 1,265 "comparison points", the same number as a triple jump of 18 m.[14]


Split evenly between the events, the following table shows the benchmark levels needed to earn 1,000, 900, 800 and 700 points in each sport.

Event1,000 pts900 pts800 pts700 ptsUnit
100 m10.39510.82711.27811.756Seconds
Long jump7.767.366.946.51Metres
Shot put18.4016.7915.1613.53Metres
High jump2.202.101.991.88Metres
400 m46.1748.1950.3252.58Seconds
110 m hurdles13.8014.5915.41916.29Seconds
Discus throw56.1751.446.5941.72Metres
Pole vault5.284.964.634.29Metres
Javelin throw77.1970.6764.0957.45Metres
1500 m3:53.794:07.424:21.774:36.96Minutes:Seconds


The official decathlon world record holder is Kevin Mayer of France, with a score of 9,126 points set during the 2018 Décastar in Talence, France, which was ratified by the IAAF.

100m (wind)Long jump (wind)Shot putHigh jump400m110H (wind)DiscusPole vaultJavelin1500m
10.55 (+0.3 m/s)7.80 m (+1.2 m/s)16.00 m2.05 m48.4213.75 (-1.1 m/s)50.54 m5.45 m71.90 m4:36.11

Previous record from Ashton Eaton (9,045):

100m (wind)Long jump (wind)Shot putHigh jump400m110H (wind)DiscusPole vaultJavelin1500m
10.23 (-0.4 m/s)7.88 m (+0.0 m/s)14.52 m2.01 m45.00 WDB13.69 (-0.2 m/s)43.34 m5.20 m63.63 m4:17.52
World9,126 Kevin Mayer (FRA)2018
Continental records
Africa8,521 Larbi Bourrada (ALG)2016
Asia8,725 Dmitriy Karpov (KAZ)2004
Europe9,126 Kevin Mayer (FRA)2018
North, Central America and Caribbean9,045 Ashton Eaton (USA)2015
Oceania8,492 Ashley Moloney (AUS)2020
South America8,393 Carlos Chinin (BRA)2013

Decathlon bests[edit]

The total decathlon score for all world records in the respective events would be 12,568. The total decathlon score for all the best performances achieved during decathlons is 10,544. The Difference column shows the difference in points between the decathlon points that the individual current world record would be awarded and the points awarded to the current decathlon record for that event. The % Difference column shows the percentage difference between the time, distance or height of the individual world record and the decathlon record (other than the Total entry, which shows the percentage difference between awarded decathlon points). The relative differences in points are much higher in throwing events than in running and jumping events.

Decathlon bests are only recognized when an athlete completes the ten-event competition with a score over 7,000 points.[15]

World records (WR) compared to decathlon bests (DB)
EventTypeAthleteRecordScoreDifference% DifferenceDatePlaceRef
100 m
WR Usain Bolt (JAM)9.58 s1,2021365.64August 16, 2009Berlin
DB Damian Warner (CAN)10.12 s1,066May 25, 2019Götzis[16]
Long jump
WR Mike Powell (USA)8.95 m1,3121928.04August 30, 1991Tokyo
DB Ashton Eaton (USA)8.23 m1,120June 22, 2012Eugene[17]
Shot put
WR Randy Barnes (USA)23.12 m1,29524717.08May 20, 1990Westwood
DB Edy Hubacher (SUI)19.17 m1,048October 5, 1969Bern
High jump
WR Javier Sotomayor (CUB)2.45 m1,2441837.35July 27, 1993Salamanca
DB Rolf Beilschmidt (GDR) &
 Christian Schenk (GDR)
2.27 m1,061October 1, 1977
September 28, 1988
pending Derek Drouin (CAN)2.28 m1,071173April 7, 2017Montecito[18]
400 m
WR Wayde van Niekerk (RSA)43.03 s1,1641044.48August 14, 2016Rio de Janeiro[19]
DB Ashton Eaton (USA)45.00 s1,060August 28, 2015Beijing[20]
110 m hurdles
WR Aries Merritt (USA)12.80 s1,135875.00September 7, 2012Brussels
DB Damian Warner (CAN)13.44 s1,048July 23, 2015Toronto[21]
Discus throw
WR Jürgen Schult (GDR)74.08 m1,38339024.58June 6, 1986Neubrandenburg
DB Bryan Clay (USA)55.87 m993June 24, 2005Carson
Pole vault
WR Armand Duplantis (SWE)6.18 m1,2911397.29February 15, 2020Glasgow
DB Tim Lobinger (GER)5.76 m1,152September 16, 1999Leverkusen
Javelin throw
WR Jan Železný (CZE)98.48 m1,33129118.96May 25, 1996Jena
DB Peter Blank (GER)79.80 m1,040July 19, 1992Emmelshausen
1500 m
WR Hicham El Guerrouj (MAR)3:26.00 min:s1,21825515.87July 14, 1998Rome
DB Robert Baker (USA)3:58.7 min:s963April 3, 1980Austin
TotalWorld records12,5752,03116.15
Decathlon bests10,544

All-time top 25[edit]


  • Correct as of October 2019.[22]
19,126 Kevin Mayer (FRA)September 15–16, 2018Talence[23]
29,045 Ashton Eaton (USA)August 28–29, 2015Beijing
39,026 Roman Šebrle (CZE)May 26–27, 2001Götzis
48,994 Tomáš Dvořák (CZE)July 3–4, 1999Prague
58,891 Dan O'Brien (USA)September 4–5, 1992Talence
68,847 Daley Thompson (GBR)August 8–9, 1984Los Angeles
78,832 Jürgen Hingsen (FRG)June 8–9, 1984Mannheim
 Bryan Clay (USA)June 29–30, 2008Eugene
98,815 Erki Nool (EST)August 6–7, 2001Edmonton
108,795 Damian Warner (CAN)May 26–27, 2018Götzis[24]
118,792 Uwe Freimuth (GDR)July 20–21, 1984Potsdam
128,790 Trey Hardee (USA)August 19–20, 2009Berlin
138,784 Tom Pappas (USA)June 21–22, 2003Palo Alto
148,762 Siegfried Wentz (FRG)June 4–5, 1983Filderstadt-Bernhausen
158,735 Eduard Hämäläinen (BLR)May 28–29, 1994Götzis
168,727 Dave Johnson (USA)April 23–24, 1992Azusa
178,725 Dmitriy Karpov (KAZ)August 23–24, 2004Athens
188,709 Aleksandr Apaychev (URS)June 2–3, 1984Neubrandenburg
198,706 Frank Busemann (GER)July 31 – August 1, 1996Atlanta
208,698 Grigoriy Degtyaryev (URS)June 21–22, 1984Kyiv
218,694 Chris Huffins (USA)June 19–20, 1998New Orleans
228,691 Niklas Kaul (GER)October 2–3, 2019Doha[25]
238,680 Torsten Voss (GDR)September 3–4, 1987Rome
248,670 Michael Schrader (GER)August 10–11, 2013Moscow
258,667 Guido Kratschmer (FRG)June 13–14, 1980Filderstadt-Bernhausen


Below is a list of other scores equal or superior to 8768 pts:

  • Ashton Eaton also scored 9039 pts (2012), 8893 (2016), 8809 pts (2013).
  • Roman Šebrle also scored 8893 pts (2004), 8807 (2003), 8800 pts (2002).
  • Tomáš Dvořák also scored 8902 pts (2001), 8900 pts (2000), 8837 pts (1997).
  • Dan O'Brien also scored 8824 pts (1996), 8812 pts (1991).
  • Bryan Clay also scored 8791 pts (2008).
  • Daley Thompson also scored 8774 (1982).
  • Kevin Mayer also scored 8834 (2016), 8768 (2017).


  • Correct as of September 2020.
18,358 Austra Skujytė (LTU)14–15 April 2005Columbia
28,150 Marie Collonvillé (FRA)25–26 September 2004Talence
37,921 Jordan Gray (USA)22–23 June 2019San Mateo[26]
47,885 Mona Steigauf (GER)1997[27]
57,798 Irina Karpova (KAZ)25–26 September 2004Talence
67,742[a] Anna Snetkova (RUS)14–15 September 2003Sochi[28]
77,577 Tiffany Lott-Hogan (USA)2000[29]
87,470[b] Julie Mezerette (FRA)2001[30]
97,358 Julie Martin (FRA)25–26 September 2004Talence
107,064 Breanna Eveland (USA)13–14 April 2006Columbia
116,878 Jessica Taylor (GBR)12–13 September 2015Erith[31]
126,830 Marion Obermayr (AUS)4–5 May 2002Linz[32]
136,749 Barbora Špotáková (CZE)25–26 September 2004Talence
146,709 Marie-Cécile Crancé (FRA)25–26 September 2004Talence
156,641 Lindsay Grigoriev (USA)14–15 April 2005Columbia
166,614 María Peinado (ESP)22–23 October 2005Castellón
176,599 Sara Tani (ITA)21–22 October 2006Udine[33]
186,577 Cassandre Evans (BEL)28–29 September 2019Schaarbeek[34]
196,570 Andrea Bordalejo (ARG)27–28 November 2004Rosario[35]
206,338 Marianne Schlachter (GER)13–14 April 2006Columbia[36]
216,330 AnnaLee McGregor (USA)22–23 June 2019San Mateo[37]
226,296 Ada Salgarella (ITA)21–22 October 2006Udine[38]
236,202 Amy Backel (USA)22–23 June 2019San Mateo[39]


Below is a list of other scores equal or superior to 8000 pts:

  • Austra Skujytė also scored 8091 pts (2006).


Olympic medalists[edit]

1912 Stockholm
Jim Thorpe
 United States
Charles Lomberg
Gösta Holmér
Hugo Wieslander
1920 Antwerp
Helge Løvland
Brutus Hamilton
 United States
Bertil Ohlson
1924 Paris
Harold Osborn
 United States
Emerson Norton
 United States
Aleksander Klumberg
1928 Amsterdam
Paavo Yrjölä
Akilles Järvinen
Ken Doherty
 United States
1932 Los Angeles
Jim Bausch
 United States
Akilles Järvinen
Wolrad Eberle
1936 Berlin
Glenn Morris
 United States
Bob Clark
 United States
Jack Parker
 United States
1948 London
Bob Mathias
 United States
Ignace Heinrich
Floyd Simmons
 United States
1952 Helsinki
Bob Mathias
 United States
Milt Campbell
 United States
Floyd Simmons
 United States
1956 Melbourne
Milt Campbell
 United States
Rafer Johnson
 United States
Vasili Kuznetsov
 Soviet Union
1960 Rome
Rafer Johnson
 United States
Yang Chuan-kwang
 Republic of China
Vasili Kuznetsov
 Soviet Union
1964 Tokyo
Willi Holdorf
 United Team of Germany
Rein Aun
 Soviet Union
Hans-Joachim Walde
 United Team of Germany
1968 Mexico City
Bill Toomey
 United States
Hans-Joachim Walde
 West Germany
Kurt Bendlin
 West Germany
1972 Munich
Mykola Avilov
 Soviet Union
Leonid Lytvynenko
 Soviet Union
Ryszard Katus
1976 Montreal
Bruce Jenner
 United States[c]
Guido Kratschmer
 West Germany
Mykola Avilov
 Soviet Union
1980 Moscow
Daley Thompson
 Great Britain
Yuriy Kutsenko
 Soviet Union
Sergei Zhelanov
 Soviet Union
1984 Los Angeles
Daley Thompson
 Great Britain
Jürgen Hingsen
 West Germany
Siegfried Wentz
 West Germany
1988 Seoul
Christian Schenk
 East Germany
Torsten Voss
 East Germany
Dave Steen
1992 Barcelona
Robert Změlík
Antonio Peñalver
Dave Johnson
 United States
1996 Atlanta
Dan O'Brien
 United States
Frank Busemann
Tomáš Dvořák
 Czech Republic
2000 Sydney
Erki Nool
Roman Šebrle
 Czech Republic
Chris Huffins
 United States
2004 Athens
Roman Šebrle
 Czech Republic
Bryan Clay
 United States
Dmitriy Karpov
2008 Beijing
Bryan Clay
 United States
Andrei Krauchanka
Leonel Suárez
2012 London
Ashton Eaton
 United States
Trey Hardee
 United States
Leonel Suárez
2016 Rio De Janeiro
Ashton Eaton
 United States
Kevin Mayer
Damian Warner

World Championships medalists[edit]

1983 Helsinki
 Daley Thompson (GBR) Jürgen Hingsen (FRG) Siegfried Wentz (FRG)
1987 Rome
 Torsten Voss (GDR) Siegfried Wentz (FRG) Pavel Tarnavetskiy (URS)
1991 Tokyo
 Dan O'Brien (USA) Mike Smith (CAN) Christian Schenk (GER)
1993 Stuttgart
 Dan O'Brien (USA) Eduard Hämäläinen (BLR) Paul Meier (GER)
1995 Gothenburg
 Dan O'Brien (USA) Eduard Hämäläinen (BLR) Mike Smith (CAN)
1997 Athens
 Tomáš Dvořák (CZE) Eduard Hämäläinen (FIN) Frank Busemann (GER)
1999 Seville
 Tomáš Dvořák (CZE) Dean Macey (GBR) Chris Huffins (USA)
2001 Edmonton
 Tomáš Dvořák (CZE) Erki Nool (EST) Dean Macey (GBR)
2003 Saint-Denis
 Tom Pappas (USA) Roman Šebrle (CZE) Dmitriy Karpov (KAZ)
2005 Helsinki
 Bryan Clay (USA) Roman Šebrle (CZE) Attila Zsivoczky (HUN)
2007 Osaka
 Roman Šebrle (CZE) Maurice Smith (JAM) Dmitriy Karpov (KAZ)
2009 Berlin
 Trey Hardee (USA) Leonel Suárez (CUB) Aleksandr Pogorelov (RUS)
2011 Daegu
 Trey Hardee (USA) Ashton Eaton (USA) Leonel Suárez (CUB)
2013 Moscow
 Ashton Eaton (USA) Michael Schrader (GER) Damian Warner (CAN)
2015 Beijing
 Ashton Eaton (USA) Damian Warner (CAN) Rico Freimuth (GER)
2017 London
 Kévin Mayer (FRA) Rico Freimuth (GER) Kai Kazmirek (GER)
2019 Doha
 Niklas Kaul (GER) Maicel Uibo (EST) Damian Warner (CAN)

Continental competitions[edit]

  • African Combined Events Championships
  • European Cup Combined Events
  • Oceania Combined Events Championships
  • Pan American Combined Events Cup


  • IAAF Combined Events Challenge
    • Multistars
    • Hypo-Meeting
    • TNT - Fortuna Meeting
    • Erdgas Mehrkampf-Meeting
    • Décastar

Season's bests[edit]

[citation needed]

19608,683 Rafer Johnson (USA)Eugene
19618,709 Philip Mulkey (USA)Memphis
19628,248 Chuan-Kwang Yang (ROC)Tulare
19638,089 Chuan-Kwang Yang (ROC)Walnut
19647,950 Manfred Bock (FRG)Liestal
19657,883 Mykhaylo Storozhenko (URS)Kiev
19668,234 Bill Toomey (USA)Salina
19678,319 Kurt Bendlin (FRG)Heidelberg
19688,222 A Bill Toomey (USA)Echo Summit
19698,417 Bill Toomey (USA)Los Angeles
19708,130 Rüdiger Demmig (GDR)Erfurt
19718,244 Kurt Bendlin (FRG)Bonn
19728,466 Mykola Avilov (URS)Munich
19738,163 Lennart Hedmark (SWE)Bonn
19748,229 Ryszard Skowronek (POL)Montreal
19758,429 Bruce Jenner (USA)Eugene
19768,634 Bruce Jenner (USA)Montreal
19778,400 Aleksandr Grebenyuk (URS)Riga
19788,493 Guido Kratschmer (FRG)Bernhausen
19798,476 Guido Kratschmer (FRG)Krefeld
19808,667 Guido Kratschmer (FRG)Bernhausen
19818,334 Rainer Pottel (GDR)Birmingham
19828,774 Daley Thompson (GBR)Athens
19838,825 Jürgen Hingsen (FRG)Bernhausen
19848,847 Daley Thompson (GBR)Los Angeles
19858,559 Torsten Voss (GDR)Dresden
19868,811 Daley Thompson (GBR)Stuttgart
19878,680 Torsten Voss (GDR)Rome
19888,512 Christian Plaziat (FRA)Talence
19898,549 Dave Johnson (USA)Houston
19908,574 Christian Plaziat (FRA)Split
19918,812 Dan O'Brien (USA)Tokyo
19928,891 Dan O'Brien (USA)Talence
19938,817 Dan O'Brien (USA)Stuttgart
19948,735 Eduard Hämäläinen (BLR)Götzis
19958,695 Dan O'Brien (USA)Gothenburg
19968,824 Dan O'Brien (USA)Atlanta
19978,837 Tomáš Dvořák (CZE)Athens
19988,755 Dan O'Brien (USA)Uniondale
19998,994 Tomáš Dvořák (CZE)Prague
20008,900 Tomáš Dvořák (CZE)Götzis
20019,026 Roman Šebrle (CZE)Götzis
20028,800 Roman Šebrle (CZE)Götzis
20038,807 Roman Šebrle (CZE)Götzis
20048,893 Roman Šebrle (CZE)Athens
20058,732 Bryan Clay (USA)Helsinki
20068,677 Bryan Clay (USA)Götzis
20078,697 Roman Šebrle (CZE)Kladno
20088,832 Bryan Clay (USA)Eugene
20098,790 Trey Hardee (USA)Berlin
20108,483 Bryan Clay (USA)Götzis
20118,729 Ashton Eaton (USA)Eugene
20129,039 Ashton Eaton (USA)Eugene
20138,809 Ashton Eaton (USA)Moscow
20148,616 Andrei Krauchanka (BLR)Zürich
20159,045 Ashton Eaton (USA)Beijing
20168,893 Ashton Eaton (USA)Rio de Janeiro
20178,768 Kevin Mayer (FRA)London
20189,126 Kevin Mayer (FRA)Talence
20198,711 Damian Warner (CAN)Götzis
20208,552 Kevin Mayer (FRA)Saint-Paul

National records[edit]

  • Updated 25 December 2020.[22]

NR's equal or superior to 8,000 pts:

9,126 FranceKevin MayerSeptember 15–16, 2018Talence
9,045 United StatesAshton EatonAugust 28–29, 2015Beijing
9,026 Czech RepublicRoman ŠebrleApril 26–27, 2001Götzis
8,847 United KingdomDaley ThompsonAugust 8–9, 1984Los Angeles
8,832 GermanyJürgen HingsenJune 8–9, 1984Mannheim
8,815 EstoniaErki NoolAugust 6–7, 2001Edmonton
8,795 CanadaDamian WarnerMay 26–27, 2018Götzis
8,735 BelarusEduard HämäläinenMay 28–29, 1994Götzis
8,730 FinlandAugust 5–6, 1997Athens
8,725 KazakhstanDmitriy KarpovAugust 23–24, 2004Athens
8,709 UkraineAleksandr ApaychevJune 2–3, 1984Neubrandenburg
8,698 RussiaGrigoriy DegtyaryevJune 21–22, 1984Kyiv
8,654 CubaLeonel SuárezJuly 3–4, 2009Havana
8,644 JamaicaMaurice SmithAugust 31 – September 1, 2007Osaka
8,573 IcelandJón Arnar MagnússonMay 30–31, 1998Götzis
8,566 PolandSebastian ChmaraMay 16–17, 1998Murcia
8,554 HungaryAttila ZsivoczkyJune 3–4, 2000Götzis
8,539 GrenadaLindon VictorMay 11–12, 2017Columbia
8,539 NetherlandsEelco SintnicolaasMay 27–28, 2017Götzis
8,526 SpainFrancisco Javier BenetMay 16–17, 1998Murcia
8,521 AlgeriaLarbi BouraadaAugust 17–18, 2016Rio de Janeiro
8,519 BelgiumHans Van AlphenMay 26–27, 2012Götzis
8,492 AustraliaAshley MoloneyDecember 19–20, 2020Brisbane
8,445 UzbekistanRamil GaniyevAugust 5–6, 1997Athens
8,437 LithuaniaRišardas MalachovskisJuly 1–2, 1988Minsk
8,406 SwedenNicklas WibergAugust 19–20, 2009Berlin
8,398 South AfricaWillem CoertzenMay 30–31, 2015Götzis
8,393 BrazilCarlos ChininJune 7–8, 2013São Paulo
8,359 New ZealandSimon PoelmanMarch 21–22, 1987Christchurch
8,334  SwitzerlandStephan NiklausJuly 2–3, 1983Lausanne
8,320 AustriaGernot KellermayrMay 29–30, 1993Götzis
8,312 LatviaEdgars EriņšMay 26–27, 2011Valmiera
8,308 JapanKeisuke UshiroMay 31 – June 1, 2014Nagano
8,291 A ArgentinaTito SteinerJune 22–23, 1983Provo
8,290 ChinaQi HaifengMay 28–29, 2005Götzis
8,288 MoldovaValeriy KachanovJune 20–21, 1980Moscow
8,275 SerbiaMihail DudašAugust 10–11, 2013Moscow
8,228 NorwayMartin RoeApril 27–28, 2018Florence
8,213 PortugalMário AníbalJune 30 – July 1, 2001Kaunas
8,206 Republic of ChinaYang Chuan-KwangApril 27–28, 1963Walnut
8,199 BulgariaAtanas AndonovJune 20–21, 1981Sofia
8,169 ItalyBeniamino PoserinaOctober 5–6, 1996Formia
8,130 Puerto RicoAyden OwensApril 17–18, 2019Azusa
8,069 GreeceProdromos KorkizoglouJuly 1–2, 2000Ibach
8,065 ChileGonzalo BarroilhetApril 19–20, 2012Charlottesville
8,048 VenezuelaGeormi JaramilloMay 4–5, 2018Barquisimeto
8,023 TunisiaHamdi DhouibiAugust 9–10, 2005Helsinki

Junior (under-20) Decathlon bests[edit]

100 m10.51 (-0.3 m/s)973 ptsAshley Moloney AustraliaJuly 10, 2018World Junior Championships Tampere, Finland18 years, 119 days[41]
Long jump
Shot put
(6 kg)
High jump
400 m46.86965 ptsAshley Moloney AustraliaJuly 10, 2018World Junior Championships Tampere, Finland18 years, 119 days[42]
110 m hurdles
(0.99 m)
Discus throw
(1.750 kg)
Pole vault
Javelin throw71.59 m914 ptsNiklas Kaul GermanyJuly 20, 2016World Junior Championships Bydgoszcz, Poland18 years, 160 days[43]
1500 m
World Junior record8435 ptsNiklas Kaul GermanyJuly 22–23, 2017European U20 Championships Grosseto, Italy19 years, 162 days[44]
100m (wind)Long jump (wind)Shot putHigh jump400m110H (wind)DiscusPole vaultJavelin1500m
11.48 (-1.3 m/s)7.20 m (+1.6 m/s)15.37 m2.05 m48.4214.55 (-0.2 m/s)48.49 m4.70 m68.05 m4:15.52

Other multiple event contests[edit]

  • Biathlon
  • Duathlon
  • Triathlon
  • Quadrathlon
  • Modern pentathlon
  • Heptathlon
  • Octathlon
  • Icosathlon or double decathlon
  • Omnium
  • Aquathlon
  • Chess-boxing
  • Nordic combined
  • CrossFit Games


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  2. ^ wind information missing for formal ranking
  3. ^ Jenner is now known as Caitlyn due to gender transition in 2015.[40]


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  • IAAF decathlon homepage
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  • A downloadable Excel spreadsheet of multi-event scoring and age grading is available from the creator, Stefan Waltermann